The books are closed on 2013 and it was a record year for us.

Water was brought to 68 new villages and communities in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Orissa.  Our total number of projects drilled since our inception now stands at 578, not to bad for someone who told God “You’ve got the wrong guy” when I heard Him say, “I want you to bring water to these people.”

Next month will be 13 years since I heard “the call” and I can honestly say its being quite the journey and it has been filled with highs and lows.  2 new charges for 2014 as mandated from on High; “Don’t compare yourself (Wells for Life) to any other organization,” and “I am your source.”

Hearing these words gives me the faith to continue to move forward and I firmly believe that God loves each and every person on this planet which is why He sent me to bring them water among other things.

For each of you who gave in 2013, thank you for responding to the leading or prompting to give and make a difference, your gift is doing just that.

Almost 2 months ago we rolled out a new video, if you haven’t seen it, follow this link, I think you’ll enjoy it and feel free to share it with your friends –

We also launched again our mobile giving site hoping to engage those that might hear about us via our Twitter or Facebook Fan Page or through some other form of media, you can visit that page if interested at

Finally, our logo has been filled up with the last names of all those who gave in 2013 and if the giver was a business then the full name of the business is listed. Unfortunately I can’t make the image larger so if you don’t see your name, trust me, it’s there!

In the theme of our video, many more villages are waiting, let’s make 2014 a year where we end their waiting!