I returned last week from India and I believe jet lag is over!  Didn’t do anything to special to conquer it, just came home to sub zero temperatures and snow.  Maybe the cold and the driveway I had to clear were what I needed to kick start the body on KS time.  Regardless, it’s great to be home and back in KS even if its frigid here.

I am in the middle of uploading photos to Flickr and some of our latest project dedication photos can be found at this link; http://www.flickr.com/photos/wellsforlife/sets

One of the projects we dedicated was funded in part by the students of ORU and their chapel offerings.  The photo set from that dedication can be found in the Flickr link above; here is a glimpse of the school kids which are benefiting now from clean water thanks in large part to all the students who gave.

Another highlight for me was watching one of our projects being drilled.  Generally this entire process is complete by the time I make it to India but in this case the drill was drilling and I got to watch!  I uploaded some photos of the drilling and you can see those on our Flickr page under the set titled “Drilling a well”.  Several days later I returned and dedicated the project which was cool; start to finish in just 3 days.

This is my 13th year being involved in India and I’m grateful for the opportunities and the lessons that I have learned over the years.  Each trip I take reveals new opportunities and my hope is that you will join me in making an impact in the lives of India’s masses who are struggling because among other things they lack access to clean water.

When you give to Wells for Life, know that the gift is being used to change a life, a life like one of those precious school kids pictured above.