In Valsad and we leave around 7am for a quick bite of breakfast then an hour and half drive up to the tribal mountain region where 5 places are waiting for our arrival and project dedication. Yesterday we the Holi festival which is Hindu festival of color and sure enough most places you looked the people had splashed color on things and themselves. While we were driving to Valsad I saw some kids with small balloons which apparently were filled with a liquid mixture of color and of course they were throwing them at anything and everything they could much like tossing water balloons on a hot summer day. Thankfully we never were a target and just enjoyed the spectacle however when you hear the how and why of the festival, the true root meaning it loses its color and you realize how much bondage still exists spiritually in this part of the world.

Last night we dedicated our first project at a Tamil church. Small congregation of people with a small plot of land and like most places no direct access to water on their premises or even that nearby so they asked for water and we were able to provide it. Due to the nature of the need we felt it best to install a submersible pump motor and the church collected funds for the syntek tank and for the concrete stand that would support it. The church people also were able to collect enough funds to lay a cement floor throughout the courtyard and remove all the dirt area which when the monsoons would come would create a huge mess.

After sharing a bit with the people inside the church we moved outside to begin the dedication which was simple enough event, pull the cord so the cloth moves away from the dedication plaque then walk over to the electric panel box flip up the fuse switch to bring the power to the unit then hit the green button to turn on the pump.

The water then flows quite heavily through the 1 inch PVC pipe into the baptismal. Because the project was just completed a few days back they didn’t have a chance to plump everything but the general plan is to bring the water into the syntek tank which is resting on a platform about 10 feet off the ground and then have gravity feed water to the taps for the people and to provide water to the baptismal when necessary.

From this place we drove to a girl’s hostel and spent about 30 minutes with 20 College age girls encouraging them and hopefully inspiring them to greater things. We had a great time with them and only wished we had more as they were eager and excited to have some white visitors who took the time to be with them.

Today, more projects and more driving. Excited to see what awaits us and only wish I had slept last night.