My brother Premdas.

In 2012 I met Christopher Premdas at Light of Love Children’s Home in Tuni, and the encounter was a begrudging one at first until I shook his hand. He introduced himself in typical fashion; “Hello, I’m Christoper Premeds, welcome to NASA.” When I took his hand, I heard the Lord speak to me that I was sent to lift his hands and for the past 13 years I have tried to faithfully do just that.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have flowed through Wells for Life® in support of the many activities of Nazareth Association for Social Awareness and it was through his encouragement and admonition that Schaun Colin and I worked towards starting New Life Children’s Home.

In addition to the children, huge work was done with women empowerment, social justice, Dalit rights, land acquisition and the hundreds upon hundreds of water projects which we implemented as a way of making a difference and displaying to the low caste and untouchables that they matter.

A legacy has been left and a grand entrance into Heaven has taken place a short time ago. My only regret is that these last few years were marked by pain and blindness due to his ever worsening diabetes.

Dr. Premdas was my friend and my brother, he was a hero to me and often left me in tears in his office as he shared about the realities of rural life for his people in India.

He is survived by his wife Joythi, his 2 sons Sujeet Nuthulapaty and Sony Wood Nuthulapaty and his daughter, Neelima Pallae Nutulapathy.

Keep them all in your prayers during this time of loss and may all those in the Tuni area see Jesus and the difference that he made as a result of Jesus in his life.

I love you Premdas.

Your brother, Wiser
Michael Viser