A few months ago I was contacted about carrying out a water project for one of the slum areas in Hyderabad and the question was whether or not I could implement a project here.  The answer of course was yes with the condition that my engineer could find an aquifer which was suitable for the needs of the community which would be utilizing the project.

Testing was carried out and a green light was given which I then communicated back to my new friend who told me his plan to fund this project.  He called it a 50 50 project because the goal is for Indians to be helping Indians, thus the name of the well, 50/50, which means partnership.

The goal in this project is really a great picture of what I have wanted Wells for Life to be since its inception; strengthen the local NGO to make a more holistic impact in the lives of the people they are seeking to reach.  Don’t do the work for them, but do it with them with a step or two behind so that they are in the lead.  This same sentiment was echoed by the guy who was rallying his friends towards this cause, “I do not want this to feel like white people helping Indians. I want this to feel like we are all in this together and the well diggers and the village leaders and David from Wells for Life and you and Sudhakar are just as important, even more important than me and my friends here.”

What a great testimony to his desire and our effort, a resounding affirmation that we’re on the right track in our efforts and now here are a few photos from the project dedication.