August 2015

The trip is in the books; I’m taking care of some last minute items here in Delhi and will board my flight around 1am for the US. 10 projects were dedicated in Andhra Pradesh with one of our partners there; 7 in one day followed by 3 the next. One thing which became more clear to me was that the recovery time between car rides to and from dedications is getting longer and longer. Seems like 9 hours in a car dedicating projects was a piece of cake but some 14 years later that cake is becoming more like gelatin which needs more time to set up.

Thankfully though the time in each village dedicating a project is still rewarding and worthwhile especially when the villagers have “that” look in their eyes when the project begins producing the water and now what they have sought for has become a reality. Then more often than not, more proposals come, community centers, roofs, houses, fields, seed, cows, schools; all asked for with a glimmer of hope in their voices.

Yet this is what Wells for Life is about, we’re not the catch all NGO, but what we are is one which seeks to work holistically in its approach along with our indigenous partners so that a difference can be made and we start with clean water. From that point, further collaboration and sometimes funding with the aim of bringing a community towards self sufficiency.

I have included a few pictures from my trip and of course there are hundreds more but I’ll save most of those for our Flickr page, in the meantime enjoy these and a huge thanks to our donors who made each of the 10 projects in S. India possible. It was a pleasure to represent you at each and to share about the life change that takes place when we surrender our lives and serve.