Milestones & 691

3It’s the final quarter of 2015, 3 months to go and it’s hard to believe that I have 2 more trips to India on the calendar! Much planning has gone into this year and marks a milestone for me personally and organizationally.  First, this past September I hit the half century mark and maybe by turning 50 I’ll finally begin to think of myself as “sir” instead of “hey kid”.  Seriously, when I’m in a public place and I hear “sir” I turn around and look for the fellow being spoken to without realizing they’re talking to me. The second highlight involves Wells for Life.  I’m bringing together all of our partners into one place, It’s our first ever Global Summit.  We’ll meet in Hyderabad for 2 1/2 days and in that short amount of time I’m trusting each of these men will come away with a renewed sense of who they are and what they’re called to accomplish. Speaking of accomplishments, here’s a snapshot of 2015 to date;

  • 45 new water projects
  • 2 sewing centers
  • Fish farm
  • Chicken farm
  • Sawyer Point One Water Filters for the Nepal earthquake
  • 1 year’s support for Lydia’s Girls hostel
  • 6 months of support for medical camps
  • After school tutoring program

691 is the number of water projects since 2001 and as you know Wells for Life is now more than just water. All of this is because people just like you care and give, so thank you for your gift that truly does change lives each and every day in rural India.

DSC_1601 (2)