62 and 708

By all accounts my thoughts were 2015 was going to be a down year for contributions and resultantly funding for new projects.  Even in December when I travelled to Hyderabad and spent several days with the majority of my partners I expressed my doubt that we would meet project numbers as giving was down by more than 25%.  My thought was 45 would be the number we hit by month’s end and as such I was preparing myself for that number.

45 was a number we did about 6 years ago and since then have averaged around 60 water projects in addition to the support we extend for a host of other programs ranging from financial support for people affected by leprosy, HIV and Aids, tutoring or after school programs for school age children, medical camps and the list goes on.

Then the miraculous happened; people gave, and gave, and gave.  I haven’t looked at our numbers in depth yet but I know that on December 30th I wired funds to one of our partners which brought our project totals for 2015 to 62 new water projects which means that 708 places have received clean water since I started Wells for Life back in May of 2001.

62 is nothing short of amazing and miraculous just as 708 is and again this is just water.  These numbers don’t take into account all of the other work we have and continue to accomplish.  The work is holistic in nature and far ranging but the goal is the same, to make a transformative difference in rural India.

We are a grass roots organization, working with indigenous partners who themselves are grassroots and as such we can enjoy wonderful results with the resources that donors entrust to you.  No private jets to whisk us around or fancy cars or houses to divert funds into; just simple people doing the work of a servant with a mind to touch the lives of others who desperately need a touch.

Right now I’m back in India for the 2nd time this year, 15 projects to see in 2 places within south India and I’m reminded how important our work is.  Sometime I wonder if I’m cut out for this work of sacrifice and service and in reality I guess on its face, I’m not, but I can say my heart has changed and I recognize my life isn’t my own and so I walk in the footsteps of another who has gone before me and prepared the way.

2016 appears to be a year of new things and I am looking forward to what it brings.