Today marks that one day a year when attention is brought to the World Water Crisis.

India like other developing nations suffers from water scarcity especially in the rural regions.  Of the 1.4 or 1.6 billion people, depending upon whose numbers you believe, it’s estimated that at least 65% live in a rural setting and of this number roughly 30% lack access to clean water on a daily basis.  Translation, that’s a lot of people suffering because they lack access to one of life’s most necessary elements for survival.

For me, World Water Day marks that one day a year to actually make a difference though giving financially. Just the act of giving can take us out of “self” mode and helps us see those around us or in another part of the world who for whatever reason or circumstance don’t have the same opportunities that we might have.

I could go on and on about giving and making a difference but it’s all been said and I’d just be redundant so I’ll spare the words.  I will just say that a whole lot of good happens when you give towards providing clean water to a community, village or school, especially one that has been waiting for days, months and even years.

Giving to make a difference is really quite easy, just do it.  Go to our Donate button and give an amount that you feel is appropriate.  The larger the amount the more I can make happen!

Here’s an example of what happens when I walk into a school which has been wanting clean water for some time; finally someone listened and impact was made!

Enjoy and share it with your network and together let’s make a difference in this world.