I’m often asked why I don’t take a Spring trip to India and as always, the answer is the same: it’s too hot!  I get enough heat as it is when I travel late July through October so staying away from mid-March through most of July seems pretty smart to me.  Truthfully, many drilling contractors don’t like working in the summer because of the heat and humidity so project implementation slows down considerably for me during late Spring and into the hot Summer.

Knowing things slow down, I decided to take time and fix a few body parts that have been adversely affecting me; namely pain, numbness and tingling in both hands and elbows.  Over the years I’ve tried different remedies but to no lasting relief, so I decided it’s time for the knife.  On April 1, I had the first of two surgeries and trusting that these bring necessary relief and prevent any further aggressive surgery, if not, then my next step is a cervical disk replacement at a couple of levels.  I’m sharing these things to say; reality is catching up to me really quick; my body isn’t young anymore.  No doubt the consistent overseas travels these past 18 years along with the other physical activities that I engage in week in and week out have taken their toll and so finally I’m going to do something about the damage so that I can continue to do what I do with minimal long term disruption.

Even now, as I type and you read, millions of men, women and children within rural India are living and yes, struggling because they don’t have access within their homes or even nearby their home to clean water.  For some, walking distances with a single pot or bucket is a necessary reality and this multiple times a day for everyday needs and use.  It seems that this kind of situation shouldn’t exist in today’s fast paced society, but it does, and I witness it firsthand in each village I visit, which is why I’m there.  Seeking to make a difference with a new water reliable and accessible water source.

To date, over 900 places are benefitting from clean water as a result of our efforts and outreach.  All of our work is taken up by local people, overseen by our indigenous partners who are involved in their respective areas seeking to make a difference in bringing positive change through a variety of means and methods.  Our work is grassroots and as such we have minimal overhead, which means we can respond quickly to needs and change provided the resources are available.  This is where your help comes into play, without your financial gifts, we can’t respond, and as such, we can’t save lives.

Water is life.  Without water we die; with dirty or contaminated water, sickness prevails and left unchecked, well, you’ll be visiting the grave.

We can change this and sure we can get complex in our methodology and strategy, but do we need too?  Can we not just see the problem, investigate it at the ground level, speak to the parties involved and then come up with a solution that positively impacts those affected?  I think we can, and this is what we seek to accomplish through our partners; after all, they’re the ones on the ground, living and working in the areas where the need exists, so let’s empower them to get the job done.

Any gift, large or small helps us make a difference; will you act now and join us?

Here are some pictures of recently completed projects in some deserving areas in the rural places of Odisha and Karnataka.