Today is the day a big push is made for people throughout the US to support their favorite cause or charity, thus the title Giving Tuesday. This event traditionally follows Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, not sure why, because I imagine many have spent what they would have given provided this “event” was a week earlier.

Nonetheless, Giving Tuesday is a day to be celebrated and one to get behind.

As we wrap up 2022, Wells for Life is on target to fund and drill 58 water projects with many more waiting for our support. Giving Tuesday is a great way for us to make the final push towards funding any final projects or emergency requests, as well as to set us up for a strong start to 2023.

Right now, I have partners with project proposals touching schools and villages of varying sizes, all with the hope and prayer that their proposal would be granted and clean water can flow. The only way this is possible is if people give, which is why Giving Tuesday is an important day for us.

Would you please consider giving today and then after giving, share with others how easy it was to make a difference and create that impact that will change lives each and every day?

Click the link to give, and on behalf of those you will be serving, thank you for giving them life. Giving Tuesday (