Get Involved

The mission of Wells for Life® is not possible without the help from everyday people, just like you.

We are grateful for the many people who step up to help out by giving money, organizing events, or simply participating in one of the many events offered across the country.

One great way to start is simply reading some facts on the Educate Yourself page.  As you’ll see, the facts are alarming and the need is great, but the good news is that there are easy things you can do, big or small, to affect change in the lives of those living in India by partnering with Wells for Life®.


Educate Yourself

Learn more about clean water, what it costs, and how affordable it is to help.



If event planning is your thing, there is more information for you on our Raising Awareness page. Please let us know of your plans, and we will be happy to help promote or facilitate the event alongside you when possible.


Simply Give

Simply give. The cost to provide water for one person is less than $5. The average cost of a hand pump bore well benefiting one village is $2,500. Larger projects for an entire school or orphanage range from $3,500 to $10,000.