The Beginning

Wells for Life® was the result of a calling Mike heard while traveling in southern India in 2001. On this trip, Mike had the opportunity to participate in the dedication of a water well located just a short walk from a rural village that had been experiencing sickness and disease because the villagers lacked safe drinking water. The impact the well made on the village was immediate and life-changing. As Mike observed the ceremony, he saw on the faces of the Indian people something quite moving. He could sense and see their joy and happiness—all because someone cared enough to provide funds enabling them to receive one of the basic necessities of life: water. As Mike left the dedication, he reflected on what he had just experienced. About 20 minutes later he was in yet another village listening to the village leader share how his people were suffering from sickness and disease due to a lack of clean water. He heard how they used a small pond a short distance from the road for their cooking and drinking, as well as their bathing and cleaning.

While listening to this man speak, he heard God tell him to do something about this critical need. Mike made a personal commitment to the village to provide them a water bore well within a year. On the long ride back to his hotel he began to envision an organization that would raise awareness of the need in India for clean, safe water along with necessary funds to carry out fresh water projects throughout India.

That dream became a reality when Wells for Life® was established in 2001 as a nonprofit charitable organization, which has as its mission the provision of clean, safe drinking water to rural villages and communities in need