Who We Are

Wells for Life® is seeking to address the need for water in India one well at a time and do so from a holistic perspective by first addressing the physical needs of the individual and then their community. We seek to accomplish this task by forming partnerships with indigenous NGO’s who share the same passion we do for meeting one of life’s most basic needs: water.

The need for safe water in India is incredibly large. Reportedly India will fall into the water stress category by 2025, and efforts are being undertaken by the government to assess what programs and strategies can be implemented to address this frightening issue. Given the size of this problem, it would be easy to feel overwhelmed and not get involved. However, the nature and scope of the issue also provides opportunity for great success.

To date, Wells for Life® has met the need for water wells in over 1,000 rural villages and communities throughout India and the requests keep coming in. We work through indigenous partners who have a history of bring positive change to an area through a variety of outreach programs ranging from micro finance programs to medical camps along with outreach programs to empower women and after school tutoring for school age children.  The goal in all of our work is to make a positive impact in the lives of the poor and to lead with water.