April 2018 trip

3 weeks ago I returned from my 2nd trip to India this year and had the chance to see four recently completed projects with this being one of them.  It amazes me to see the simplicity of life that so many people live in rural India and how powerful access to water becomes; for this Gypsy community the water on the newly acquired land will ultimately bring homes.

I call that change, positive change which came because someone believed in what I was doing and they gave money; money which brought clean water and for this community, a chance at a better life.

Tent living no more!

November 2017 Trip

This past November I traveled to Trichy to visit our DPWA partners, Dhana and his son Prasanna, and because of their work, 11 new projects were opened many of them schools along with a home for the physically and mentally challenged.  It had been a little over a year since I was there last and it was good to be back in familiar surroundings opening new projects and seeing the impact being made in the area with clean water. 

This particular trip was really short, 5 days in fact.  I missed a day on the front end due to a delayed flight out of Kansas City which caused a missed connection in Chicago, but once I reached India everything went smoothly. Getting in the country took a bit of time but once the immigration fellows realized I wasn’t a threat my passport was stamped and I was granted entry.

So what’s next?  

I’m hoping to take a break actually and not travel in January.  We’ll see if that holds up.  I’ve traveled 6 times this year and last so taking a break might not be a bad idea.  I do have a ticket for late February/early March and plan on opening 6 projects in NW India and maybe some more in other areas, just not sure at this point as these decisions are based upon the level of our year-end giving.

When it comes to year-end giving, we, like all the other non-profits rely on those gifts to carry out our programs.  What set’s us a part from many of them is the fact that most of our contributions are used on programs, like bringing clean water and making an impact in the lives of men, women and children like you see here in this post.  This year we have brought water to over 50 places and I’m hoping we’re not done.

As you consider your end of year giving, take that next step and give, go ahead, make a difference and stand with me in bringing positive change to rural places in India.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!

Fire Near Tuni

I received this email late last night from one of our partners in S. India and I wanted to share it as an immediate need exists to make a difference in the lives of some people who have suffered a tragedy.

On 15th March 2016, evening, a fire accident occurred in a village outside Tuni due to short circuit. At that time all the residents – 11 downtrodden families went to go for their regular works like selling of items hair, hair pins, small plastic toys and combs etc. 6 houses have been burned including their clothes, utensils, cots and all their little possessions. Their small tents have also collapsed. Now they are outside on platforms, pavement sides. They have no food, water, clothes,

We intend to immediately respond in their dire need and support with some relief materials.  For approximately $200/per family, we can provide rice (10 kgs each), clothes for each family, temporary tent, utensils, some vegetables and groceries. For 11 families, we are looking to raise $2,200.

If you want to give towards this immediate need, just make a donation now on our Give page and mark your gift Fire.IMG_9921 IMG_9927 IMG_9930 IMG_9941 PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (2) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (4) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (8) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (21) (1) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (21) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16 (23) PR Peta victims - 15-03-16

Fish Farm underway

A few months ago Wells for Life extended funding for a fish and chicken farm as part of a sustainability project for one of our N. Indian partners and just a few days back an email was sent of 2 photos of the digging which is underway.  Ideally within another week everything will be complete and the next stage is to drill a bore well to provide the pond with fresh water.  Once that is complete it will be time to purchase fish, plant some trees surrounding the pond and then start on the chicken farm.  The entire project is slated for completion this Fall.

MMU dedication

On the journey home and since I have time in Heathrow before my next flight I thought I would post some photos from the Mobile Medical Unit dedication.  I hope you enjoy viewing them; its fun being able to help others realize their dream especially when the dream involves service and stewarding ones own gifts and talents.

For more photos of the Mobile Medical Unit dedication click here to go to our Flickr feed.

Back and uploading

I returned last week from India and I believe jet lag is over!  Didn’t do anything to special to conquer it, just came home to sub zero temperatures and snow.  Maybe the cold and the driveway I had to clear were what I needed to kick start the body on KS time.  Regardless, it’s great to be home and back in KS even if its frigid here.

I am in the middle of uploading photos to Flickr and some of our latest project dedication photos can be found at this link; http://www.flickr.com/photos/wellsforlife/sets

One of the projects we dedicated was funded in part by the students of ORU and their chapel offerings.  The photo set from that dedication can be found in the Flickr link above; here is a glimpse of the school kids which are benefiting now from clean water thanks in large part to all the students who gave.

Another highlight for me was watching one of our projects being drilled.  Generally this entire process is complete by the time I make it to India but in this case the drill was drilling and I got to watch!  I uploaded some photos of the drilling and you can see those on our Flickr page under the set titled “Drilling a well”.  Several days later I returned and dedicated the project which was cool; start to finish in just 3 days.

This is my 13th year being involved in India and I’m grateful for the opportunities and the lessons that I have learned over the years.  Each trip I take reveals new opportunities and my hope is that you will join me in making an impact in the lives of India’s masses who are struggling because among other things they lack access to clean water.

When you give to Wells for Life, know that the gift is being used to change a life, a life like one of those precious school kids pictured above.