Still amazing to me how people in the US still think COVID is a joke and nothing more than a strong cold/flu. For them COVID is a media and political driven pandemic to derail the economy and put the Democrats in power.
One only needs to look at the other side of the globe to see how deadly COVID is, especially this strain from India which is now reported to be in the US. This new strain in India is like an unseen force moving through the air and striking people down. Reminds me of the Old Testament story of the death angel.
Most of those I know and work with in India knows first hand the deadliness of COVID and they aren’t taking COVID lightly. Double masks, vaccines, social distancing and staying indoors away from outside contact is something they are practicing daily because they have seen firsthand bodies in the hospitals and the streets due to COVID.
At some point an opportunity will exist for “Relief” to happen and when it does tens of millions in India will have their hands out hoping for help from anyone who will hear their cry.
Bottom line is many nations have fallen prey to the destructive forces of COVID and it’s imperative that we don’t turn a blind eye or deaf ear to their cries for help.
I realize that the cries for help will be overwhelming and endless, which is why we work with grassroots indigenous organizations that will take what is given and make the most of it.  In other words, your gift will be put to good use, in the hands of those who need it.
I end with this; Get vaccinated regardless of the side effects.
If the India strain of COVID spreads in the US like it is now in India, vaccinated folks will have the best chance of staying healthy.  It’s that simple.