4 weeks in India, which was a record!


Opened 35 new water projects.

Visited 10 different states.

Spent time with all but 1 partner.

Became a familiar face on Indigo airlines which is like the Southwest Airlines of India, but with Indigo you can select a seat and pay for priority check-in which bypasses the long lines. 😊

Stayed healthy despite being in close contact with folks who had either a cold or the flu.

Took time to rest in Goa, and sightsee with friends in Jaipur, the Pink City.

Spoke to thousands of students and shared the 3 hashtags that I seek to live by and 2 foundational principles which should govern all our lives.

Saw hundreds of thankful men, women, and children enjoying clean, safe drinking water because of your generosity.


Being told your day is going to just get a lot longer and you have no choice but to grin and bear it.

6 – 8-hour car rides each day.

Canceled flight resulting in a 3-hour chat with the airline to get me home with me, ultimately finding the right flight.

Credit Cards not working.

2 projects not being completed as promised.

Car rides where the driver is slow and cautious, and it seems like bicycles can easily overtake you.